News: March 23, 2007

Time for a Raise?

Affordable rent is in parentheses; it's calculated by multiplying the median family income by .3 (as federal guidelines recommend spending no-more than 30% of your income on housing), then diving the number by 12 (as in 12 months). For Travis County, MFI in fiscal year 2006 was $69,600, for a family of four.

Household Size One Person Two People Four People
80% MFI
(low-income defined by HUD)
39,850 ($996/mo.)
45,500 ($1,138/mo.)
56,900 ($1,423/mo.)
100% MFI* 48,700 ($1,218/mo.) 55,700 ($1,393/mo.) 69,600 ($1,740/mo.)
120% MFI* 58,450 ($1,461/mo.) 66,800 ($1,670/mo.) 83,500 ($2,088/mo.)

* MFI figures were calculated by city of Austin and not defined directly by HUD.

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